TYPE: New 

WHERE IS IT: Cogniom Website > Marketplace 

FEATURE: Marketplace of known study approaches to jumpstart your project 

SUMMARY:  The Cogniom Marketplace allows clients to browse our study library and choose any study type from there to jump start their own.  

WHY IT MATTERS:  From nothing to data collection in moments! Lengthy time and motion discussions, setup, prep meetings will become a thing of the past! 

TYPE: New 

WHERE IS IT: New Azure Hosting 

FEATURE: We move our website (to make it faster!)  

SUMMARY: We moved Azure hosting to enable better performance with our main Cogniom site. 

WHY IT MATTERS: We continue to expand the marketplace it felt like the right time for an upgrade! Less load times keeping you from your studies! 

TYPE: New 

WHERE IS IT: TANDM Admin Page > Templates > Edit 

FEATURE: Template Builder re-write, tons of improved features  

SUMMARY: Template Builder was good, but it wasn’t great. You can see from the below list of enhancements there was room for improvement and we think you’ll find changing your templates WAY easier now! Enjoy! 


  • Drag and Drop to change order (no more arrows) 
  • Add Child elements directly to a Groups, Retrotags, and Surveys using the Add Child button 
  • Copy any element or any GROUP of elements to a new list using the copy button
  • Change any properties (even the TYPE) directly (without removing and re-adding) using the edit buttons 
  • Colours order is also Drag and Drop to re-order 
  • Realtime changes – There is no update button anymore, everything saves as you modify it! 

TYPE: New 

WHERE IS IT: TANDM Admin Page > Header 

FEATURE: Created Marketplace link and clarified the App link 

SUMMARY: The new Marketplace has been added to the header section, and the App icon clarified. 

WHY IT MATTERS: Wherever possible we try to keep you only one or two clicks away from where you need to be. As our library grows we recommend you visit the marketplace to check if what you need already exists, because if it does that will save you the setup time for your new studies.