Identify Value.

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”

– Lord Kelvin

Identifying Value.

Cogniom’s TANDM Suite helps organisations to embrace data and establish ‘before and after’ baselines to measure against allowing leaders to quantify the impact of change and prove the value of transformation projects.

Value can be interpreted in several ways. The value something brings, the value being missed, or where opportunity lies for value to be created. In order to be able to answer any of these possibilities is measuring how time is being spent.

When you understand the “current state” of a business, project objective or process it enables you to set a baseline to measure against. That baseline will allow you to see what, in the current state’ is working and what isn’t, what processes may be outdated, where innovation and technology can play a part and how it all helps or hinders your team.

Adding a cost to those baselines then completes the picture, allowing you to understand what the cost is to the business, how much change could save the business and where additional opportunities lay to generate revenue.

All of these elements can be collected and collated in the TANDM Suite allowing users to see results without getting lost in sea of spreadsheets, enabling them to act faster and be confident in their decision.