Light Bulb

The Lightbulb Playbook

How to Validate Your Great Idea, Step by Step. 
The Lightbulb Playbook


What’s In the eBook?

This book is for founders with an idea but no idea how to get started. We’ve been in your shoes. Everything we wish we knew when first starting out we have detailed for you, step by step. Easily validate your idea with customers before you spend money building the wrong product.

Validate your idea and find potential customers.
Launch a solution that rapidly helps your customers.
Learn how much to charge with a demonstrable ROI.

About the Authors

Robert Buehrig Ceo Cogniom

Robert Buehrig
CEO, Cogniom

Robert has been involved in some of Australia’s leading digital hospital transformations.  As the Sr. Systems Architect at Cerner he was responsible for several hospital systems including the first two Queensland hospitals to receive HIMMS level 7 distinctions and the HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence.  Robert is not afraid of hard work, using his imagination for the good of others and embracing all the possibilities the future has to offer.

Zoe Savic Coo Cogniom

Zoe Savic
COO, Cogniom

Previously, Zoe was the Operations Manager at a highly successful real estate office in Brisbane for 10 years. Her business acumen and office success led her to become a trainer, mentor and process implementor for a multitude of locations, including head office. Zoe’s transition into the start-up community was spent with a year of researching hospital facilities, staff and patients to gain true understanding of healthcare pain points.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Validating Ideas
Chapter 2 Surveys and the Research Funnel
Chapter 3 Interviewing Customers
Chapter 4 Observational Studies
Chapter 5 DIY Experience Experiment
Chapter 6 Calculating the Cost of a Problem
Chapter 7 Solution Effectiveness Levels
Chapter 8 Adding Up Your ROI and Value