the act of acquiring knowledge


A fact that is self evidently true

We’re about empowerment.


Empowerment through data.

Empowering organisations to prove (or disprove!) their hunches with data. Empowering leaders and innovators to discover new truths that lead to better outcomes.


We’ve all been there. In a role that is frustratingly tedious with outdated processes.

In a leadership position trying to effectively strategise, calculate financial benefits and create a brighter future. Trying to embrace technology and innovation. Trying to understand how it fits into today’s process.

Wanting to make a positive change for tomorrow.

We hear you.

Robert Buehrig | CEO

Inspired by his beloved ‘Granny B’, Cogniom was born from Robert’s deep seeded passion to improve how healthcare is delivered. Hailing a successful 12 year career at US health IT solutions company Cerner, Robert created automations that saved $30m. He gets it. He understands how the healthcare system works and puts his visionary skills to helping others make the difference healthcare needs.

Bryce Rakop | CTO

Backed also by a long and successful career with Cerner, Bryce is one of the few in the country to possess such intricate knowledge of the healthcare system and how technology works within it. A ‘beautiful mind’ when it comes to the intricacies and logic behind the code, Bryce leads an exceptional technical team to bring this revolutionary software to life. 

Zoe Savic | COO

Her operational prowess has seen her win awards, successfully manage an esteemed real estate business and has led Zoe to become a mentor and advisor to other start up businesses. She is at the heart of Cogniom ensuring the finer details are taken care of. Zoe’s leadership style and ability to ‘speak geek’ makes her a highly sought after commodity.

Chris Kellett | Head R&D

With a degree in Computer Science and background with the CSIRO, Chris channels his engineering experience into Cogniom, exploring new technologies to find solutions to problems. With an extraordinary imagination Chris is pivotal in making the impossible, possible. The TANDM Suite is a perfect example of the brilliance he brings to the Cogniom family. 

It takes a village.

The Cogniom team is lucky enough to be supported by dedicated advisors from large corprate, to healthcare, with exceptional business, governance and start up experience.



Advisory Board.

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