Your business and projects are inherently filled with information and insights that are crucial to making the best decisions for the future, ensuring the opportunity for positive outcomes.

So why is it so hard to extract that information?

The TANDM Suite has made capturing information and insights easy. Providing real time results in a platform that is customisable to suit any situation, users of our software can enjoy every opportunity to make data driven decisions and drive the success of their business and projects even higher.

All Devices

We use the saying “Your data, Your way” and we strive to achieve that in every scenario imaginable

Whether clients are looking to capture timings, understand experiences or utilise data from existing sources, creating a data capture tool that suits individual needs has never been easier.

Clients also enjoy peace of mind that information is being collected in a uniform way ensuring the integrity of their data. 

Helping organisations discover truths, identify value and empower teams to achieve positive business outcomes is what we are constantly striving to do with the TANDM Suite as the ‘one stop shop’ for data-driven needs.

Time Collection.

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Time and Motion

Analyse the time spent in going through the different motions of a job, task or process.

Efficacy Study

Determine whether an intervention produces the expected result under ideal circumstances and measure the benefit.

Self Reporting

Gather information on your own time to produce a business case for change.

Observational Study

Observe a person or process to understand how workflows unfold and determine where potential areas for improvement may lay

Benefit Realisation

Measure ‘before and after’ markers to identify what benefit was received after implementing change.

Ethnographic Study

Observe people or groups of people in their own environment to gain qualitative results.

Day in the Life (DILO)

Observe someone through a typical day to not only understand their routine and tasks but also other elements that may impact their work.

Return on Investment

Evaluate the financial impact an investment into changed process or innovation.

Diary Study

Collect qualitative information by having participants record entries about their everyday lives about the activity or experience being studied.

Process Efficiency

Measure current processes to understand their efficiency levels and identify where there are areas for improvement.

Process Audit

Determine whether activities, resources and behaviours are sufficient to ensure efficient completion of tasks.

Understand Experiences.

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Experience Survey

Capture customer and client thoughts and feedback about their experience interacting with your business

Satisfaction Survey

Understand how satisfied customers and clients were with the service / product received from your business


For healthcare professionals  measuring a patient’s perception of their personal experience of the healthcare they have received.


In healthcare, self-report questionnaires, completed by patients, and seek to measure their perceptions of their health status and health-related quality of life

360 Review

A performance evaluation method to gather feedback and insights for employees from all business departments.


Net Promoter Scores evaluates customer experience and loyalty to a business

Staff Review

Document employee performance identifying strengths and weaknesses and helps to set future goals.

Team Feedback

Collate feedback from certain groups to discover trends and identify potential areas for improvement.

Real Time Results.

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Robot Data

Use Robot Data to preview your analytics before collecting data to ensure your results will display the right information.

Preview Graphs

Build your graphs before your project kicks off so results populate as soon as data is synced.

Graph Builder

Easily build graphs to display time or cost, filtered to specific data points and customisable to size and colour specifications.

Real Time Analytics

With your Graphs pre-prepared analytics will display as soon as data is synced from your researchers. No more waiting until the end of the project to see results!

Colour Properties

Set colour preferences to suit your needs. Use brand colours, create colour uniformity across data sets and take advantage of patterns and grescale features for publication requirements.

Label Sets

Researchers can add labels to collected data from a preset list, ensuring uniformity with data collection and additional layers of analytics that can be presented.

Public Dashboards

Share your results to a wider audience by making your dashboards public, saving time in downloading an saving individual graphs.

Your Data, Your Way.

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Media Capture

Take live photos or upload media files from your device directly through the TANDM Suite app to support data collected. Media items will display in their own Dashboard.

Mandatory Fields

Never worry about data integrity again with Mandatory Fields ensuring uniformity with data collection. Researchers will be required to enter information in order to complete timers.

Import Data

Import data via API or excel from existing data pools to create instant visualisation that contribute to your project.

Export Data

Export data collected through the tANDM Suite to use for presentations or in other data centres. Graphs can be exported as JPEG/PDF with raw data tables downloadable into excel.

Manual Timer

Manual collect time information for tasks that sit outside the scope of your TANDM Suite template or that were missed in the moment. 


Make your surveys even more engaging with a range of emoticons to use as answer sets! Define the emoticon answer and results will display like usual.

Star Ratings

5 stars - would totally recommend!

Another engaging dynamic to include in your survey responses.

Custom Build Template

Don't be forced into using a pre-existing templates that don't match your project needs. With all the TANDM Suite data collection tools at your fingertips, you can build a template to suit every specific need of any project.

Copy Study Elements

While flexibility is key, we also believe in not having to reinvent the wheel. Every aspect of the TANDM Suite can be copied to ensure ease of use. Copy your study, template, dashboard or graph at any time and tweak as you need!

QR Code / SMS Sharing

Sharing your TANDM Suite Study has never been easier. Copy the link to email to participants, issue and SMS code, or to reach a wider audience, take advantage of the unique QR Code that's automatically created for each template.



Success Stories

Andrew Willims

Using the TANDM Suite was easy and expedited weeks of data collection into instant dashboards for our DILO study.  We would definitely recommend Cogniom to anyone looking to make research projects a breeze.

- Populeux Consulting

Warwick Shaw

I have used Cogniom's TANDM software as part of the projects we undertake with our hospitals.  Based on my experience,  their software will no doubt will be very impactful and will help many companies deliver a positive return on investment.

- Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Fiona Hawthorne

Hummingbird House engaged the services of Cogniom and their software, the TANDM Suite, to assist with our team’s DILO studies.  I would definitely engage in their services again, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to conduct any type of observational research projects.

- Wesley Mission QLD

Sachin Rasquinha

Using the TANDM Suite, we were able to rapidly support our client to develop alternate strategies for supply during a pandemic.

-S3 Consult

Stacie Abela

Data management and capture can often be difficult, but the TANDM system allows researchers to customise their data capture and data presentation per study.  Switching between studies is easy and the TANDM system has great potential for all research staff.

- a Victorian Hospital