TYPE:  New


FEATURE: Edit Last Entry

SUMMARY: “Edit Last” is a recall button that allows you to pull up the previous item you just finished and make any corrections you may need.

WHY IT MATTERS:  While changes can still be made in the Queue to any entry, this enables a quick fix with minimal interruption to your observation flow.

Edit Last

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT: Admin – Edit Study and webapp

FEATURE: Sub labels

SUMMARY:  Sub-Labels allow you to add another dimension of Label breakdown, allowing you to essentially create sub-categories.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Sub labels help to break down even further when building graphs and identifying root causes. 
EG – 
Label = Delay
Sub Label = Phone call

Sub Labels

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT: Webapp – Any Timer

FEATURE: Cancel Button

SUMMARY:  Accidently start a timer? The cancel button will stop the timer without recording any data.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Sometimes phones can be tricky to handle, especially when wearing PPE! Cancel buttons make mistake recover instant!

Cancel Button

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT:  Admin – App Templates

FEATURE: Conditional Survey Answers

SUMMARY: Changes a Survey question to only be presented if a certain answer from a previous question is chosen.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Some questions only make sense in context of prior information. “Did you like our software?” should be followed by “Great, tell us what we did right!?” ONLY if they actually DID like it. Now that’s easy to build right into your surveys with TANDM Suite.

April Release

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT:  Admin – Study Menu

FEATURE: Export Study

SUMMARY:  Allows you to export ALL aspects of your Study in one go

WHY IT MATTERS:  We’re all about efficiency! Rather than downloading each individual item, you can now download everything or select multiple items to download into a ZIP folder on your computer.