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4 out of 10

startups will fail for one simple reason

In a recent study, the #1 reason startups fail was they
didn’t address a large enough market need.

The Scene.

Having a great idea is the foundational start to any entrepreneur looking to start their own business.  But how to ensure our new idea solves a customer’s problem and they’d be willing to pay for it?  That’s where an assumption register comes into play!

Early stage startups need to talk to a LOT of customers to ensure they are solving a real problem and are on the right track.  Using the TANDM Suite Assumption Register, your entire team can generate insights and work together to prove or disprove your theories with real time customer feedback.     



The Goal.

1. Define

With the assumptions register template, you can test multiple hypotheses at once

3. Refine

Your customer feedback will update in real time dashboards for viewing 

2. Record

After each customer interview, fill out the key learnings related to each assumption as inputs

4. Scale

Tracking customers responses will prove your theories and create new insights

The Study.

> Customer Research can be done by anyone in the company

> See dashboards of everyone’s insights updating in real-time

> Compare the results of several different assumptions 

> Narrow your focus to which which problems are valid

> Gain a deep understanding of the problem and nail the right solution


The Outcome.

Using the TANDM Suite Assumption Register, you can easily confirm your problem is widespread among a customer group.  Deep dive into customer experiences and understand what solution elements need to be the main focus.  

Track all market research between team members in one central location.  Help prove or disprove different theories and find the right type of customers for your business.  

Avoid the #1 most common mistake startup companies make by discovering what problems your customers are needing help getting solved.  Back your assumptions with data to validate your solution solves a valuable real-world problem.

Survey Questions per Interview

Real-time Dashboard Insights

Customer Segments Tracked

Total Questions Answered

What Our Clients Say.

Colin Kinner.

Featured on the Startup Onramp Founders Course, the TANDM Customer Validation Research Tool helps early-stage startups validate ideas and ensure they are creating a product customers really want.
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