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Demo Days are difficult enough to prepare for.  Checking your cohort is pitch ready shouldn’t take away from your planning and focus.  Give your cohort a way to assess their progress and ensure they are on the right track before the big night arrives.  

Use this tool set to gauge how well each startup covers all the topics that are required in the allotted time during dress rehearsals.  Get a picture of each startup’s readiness and give consistent feedback before and after the Demo Day event itself.   

The Scene.

Preparing your cohort for Demo Day takes an insane amount of attention to detail.   Weeks of classes all comes down to a few slides and a couple of minutes to shout their message to the world.  Give them every chance of success using a this research template. 

With a library of over 200 pitches on file to compare to, show which slides are used in a pitch deck, how long each topic should last, and how they compare to the rest of the cohort.

Make your dress rehearsals count and track each startup’s progress and improvement every time.  Tailor suggestions to each and every startup so they can nail their pitch in confidence.  Investors best get their wallets ready. 

The Goal.

1. Prepare

With the pitch perfect template, founders can get visual timings of their speech

3. Refine

Find which slides need more practice to get under your narrow time limits 

2. Practice

Data sent to online dashboards instantly shows which topics take too long

4. Amaze

 Get comfortable with your speech and focus on what really matters – being heard.

The Study.

> Track the times each startup in your cohort is center stage

> See dashboards of their topics covered in real time 

> Compare your results to a historical library of Demo Day presentations

> Address key missing topics for judging criteria

> Give feedback based off timing data and help each presentation shine


Using the TANDM Acclerator Demo Day Practice Template, you can easily identify which startups are prepared and which presentations need a bit more polish.

Help guide your cohort with critical feedback that will ensure everyone will make your Accelerator the talk of the startup scene and put on a Demo Day investors won’t soon forget. 

Total Demo Days Recorded

Pitch Decks Seen

Number of Accelerators Tracked

Hours of pitch decks researched

What Our Clients Say.

Tamara Mills.

Using the TANDM template across the three cohorts at the Australian Health Accelerator has helped immensely targeting specific problem areas in each pitch during rehearsals.  The instant information we get on each pitch has been immensely valuable.

See the AHx Cohort 1 Dashboard of results here.

Colin Kinner.

The Demo Day dashboards are an essential tool for any accelerator looking to help thier cohort polish their presentations during rehearsals.  The information is ready instantly during Q&A panels which makes it immediately actionable for each presenter to improve upon.

See the Startup Onramp Dashboard of results here.

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