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4 out of 10

startups will fail for one simple reason

In a recent study, the #1 reason startups fail was they
didn’t address a large enough market need.

The Scene.

Market research and customer validation should form the base of every company’s value proposition.  But how do you sort through potential customers to find the ones with the biggest need and appetite for your product?

Enter the Customer Validation Research template.  Based on the W3 Framework from “Sell More Faster”, simply follow up customer interviews with 10 simple questions and a dashboard will immediately sort out the biggest opportunities broken down by customer segments.



The Goal.

1. Define

With the customer validation template, you can test multiple customer types

3. Refine

Your customer feedback will update in real time dashboards for viewing 

2. Record

After each customer interview, answer ten survey questions as inputs

4. Scale

Customers responses will highlight which markets are the greatest priority 

The Study.

> Customer Research can be done by anyone in the company

> See dashboards of everyone’s insights updating in real-time

> Compare the results between different market segments

> Narrow your focus to which customers are the best fit

> Gift your sales team an easy customer list sorted by priority


The Outcome.

Using the TANDM Client Validation Template, you can easily identify where your biggest customer opportunities are by category.  Help guide your sales team to know what customers they need to focus on.  

Track all market research between team members in one central location.  Help pinpoint the best characteristics for marketing strategies and attract the right type of customers to your business.  

Avoid the #1 most common mistake startup companies make by discovering which customers to focus on.  Back your assumptions with data to validate your solution solves a valuable real-world problem.

Survey Questions per Interview

Real-time Dashboard Insights

Customer Segments Tracked

Total Questions Answered

What Our Clients Say.

Colin Kinner.

Featured on the Startup Onramp Founders Course, the TANDM Customer Validation Research Tool helps early-stage startups validate ideas and ensure they are creating a product customers really want.
Check out the Startup Onramp Founders Course here.

Julian Stein.

I now have a very clear understanding of my customer assets, the segments and the value behind it. TANDM’s Customer Validaton Tool is informing my future actions and I can concentrate on customers who are most interested and stop annoying the ones who aren’t engaged anyway.
Read his about his full experience here.

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