Day In The Life (DILO) Study

Witness Employee Workflows in Detail


Discover your employee’s daily challenges <
Identify systematic inefficiencies in workflows  <
Balance staff responsibilities across roles and positions <
Eliminate non-value added work and streamline efforts  <


Employees are facing unprecedented demands.

Understanding the full scope of employee responsibilities and experiences will be vital in keeping today’s organisations afloat.  Investing in better workflows will ensure all employees are actively engaged and productive in their undertakings.

The Scene.

Organisations in all sectors are navigating a new economy where focus has shifted to doing more activities with less hands on deck.  Understanding the new shifts in roles and responsibilities across multiple positions and the impact to normal operations will be rapidly needed at an accelerated rate.

By performing a TANDM DILO study, all tasks can be broken down between value added and non-value added categories.  Understanding the total investment going toward unnecessary tasks and activities can finally be mapped and identified.  This allows clear priorities to be defined, allowing junior staff members to take charge, leaving senior staff to expand their efforts to more skilled activities. 

The Goal.

1. Discover

With the TANDM DILO study, you can map any process workflow in minutes

3. Restructure

Reorganize roles to optimize skilled workers to where they are most needed 

2. Collaborate

Create a custom mobile app and trace underutilized staff by position 

4. Optimize

Staff are enabled to focus on activities in tune with their unique skill sets

The Study.

> Build out individual tasks and workflows per position

> Work with staff to collaborate on pain points and report insights

> Combine results with the entire research team in real-time

> Calculate the cost of inefficiencies in daily workflows

> Strike a balance between staffing ratios and customer needs


The Outcome.

Take a snapshot of the current workload at your facility with the TANDM Day in the Life (DILO) Template.  Find non-value add activities that are impacting performance and collect team insights instantly.
The TANDM Day in the Life (DILO) study allows researchers to find opportunities to improve while calculating the cost of inefficient workflows across multiple staff positions.

At the end of your study, your dashboard will detail the best possible tasks to focus on by position.  Give your staff the authority to align tasks and responsibilities so they are able to take on the work that enhances their contributions together.

Days performing Time Studies

Volunteer Workdays Measured

Positions Realigned for Productivity

Tasks Recorded in Total Overall

What Our Clients Say.

Dr. Fiona Hawthorne.

Hummingbird House engaged the services of Cogniom and their software, the TANDM Suite, to assist with our team’s DILO studies.  I would definitely engage in their services again, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to conduct any type of observational research projects.
Read more about this incredible facility here.

Andrew Willims.

Using the TANDM suite was easy and expedited weeks of data collection into instant dashboards for our DILO study.  We would definitely recommend Cogniom to anyone looking to make research projects a breeze.
Read more about Andrew’s strategies here.

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