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In 2020, deliveries must be processed faster than ever.

In a recent study, over 75% of businesses will have supply logistics interrupted from COVID-19.  It will be imperative to be able to unload supplies in record time when spikes in deliveries occur.

The Scene.

The world is currently dealing with rapid and unexpected demands for products – from groceries to pharmaceutical drugs.  Distribution challenges were intensified for the consumer goods supply chain due to panic-purchase behavior, resulting in constrained and out-of-stock supplies.

With near constant interruptions to supply chains, deliveries have become sporadic and mountainous in proportion.  Without a plan, storage space constraints and labour shortages at the loading docks can severely hamper daily operations of your business.  It’s time to get a plan in place.

The Goal.


With the Loading Dock Efficiency template, you can audit inefficient workflows


Gain a better understanding of pitfalls and implement better process strategies 


During unloading and reporting activities, average timeframes are recorded


Use savings from reduced delays to invest in improvements 

The Study.

> Process reporting can be done by anyone in the company

> See dashboards of everyone’s timings updating in real-time

> Work with S3 Consult specialists to find areas for improvements

> Reduce your unloading times by 80% and keep workers safe

> Spend the extra time on smart technology implementations


The Outcome.

Using Lean Principles, take a snapshot of the current workload at your facility loading docks, find bottlenecks and issues impacting performance and collect team insights on what improvements are highest priority.

The TANDM Loading Dock Efficiency Study allows researchers to find opportunities to improve while calculating the cost of inefficient workflows in real-time.

At the end of your study, your dashboard will detail the possible time and labour recovered so you can reinvest efforts in higher value activity.  Increase resilience by minimizing stock-outs and gain greater visibility to the operation of your supply chain.

Days performing Time Studies

Full time employees with reduced effort

Aisles Tracked Simultaneously

Reduction in Unloading Times

What Our Clients Say.

Sachin Rasquinha.

Using the TANDM Loading Dock Efficiency Study framework, we were recently able to reduce the unloading time for one of our clients by 80%.
Read his about his project here.

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