Meet Chris.

“The driving force for me came with the realisation and understanding of just how much pressure nurses face. We’ve got to make a change.”

Chris has worked in a variety of roles from small businesses to large corporates and brings a wealth of skills and experience to the Cogniom team.

He is a jack of all trades starting his working life at CSIRO, then moving on to work in engineering roles for a variety of scientific research and environmental and industrial monitoring companies. His background is steeped in measurement, data analysis and process control. 

His experience, imagination, skillset, ability to break down a problem and communicate in layman’s terms allow him to come up with solutions quickly and place him perfectly as our Head of Research and Development.

In the early days of Cogniom, Chris was involved in the research project aimed to collect data to gain insights on the daily happenings of a nurse’s shift. He saw immediately there had to be a better way to perform the exercise, and so the first version of TANDM was born. As time continued and TANDM evolved, Chris was able to see that there was a huge gap in the market for a product like TANDM and that the work Cogniom was striving to achieve would make a significant difference in the lives and work of so many.

Chris thrives on the opportunity to test the bounds of his imagination and learn new technologies as he continues to work with the team building The TANDM Suite and a range of other solutions.  He is genuinely excited to be working with a team of like-minded individuals and on products that not only will grow and be successful but make a positive difference in the lives of many.