So, you know in the movies when, in a suspenseful moment of needing a security system taken down or a nuclear device to be disarmed in 5 seconds, there is always someone with a keyboard handy who just furiously types a bunch of technical coding jargon to make it all happen?

Well, we can’t help you with disarming weapons of mass destruction, but we can put your regular typing skills to good use to creates apps.

Codeless apps! (no coding experience necessary.) 

What’s a codeless app you say? describes it as:

“A no code development platform is a tool for building software applications without coding; a popular and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical business users hoping to build their own full-fledged applications.”


When it comes to data collection (no matter the method) we’ve taken care of the hard work for you. With the TANDM Suite, the ‘Create a Study’ function steps you through building out a study template that suits your needs which, when finished, turns it into a codeless app ready for you to start collecting data.

Now, instead of the laborious and costly manual data collection methods or other unintuitive software platforms, The TANDM Suite will help you create your study and turn you into a codeless app designer based solely on your business knowledge and typing skills!

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