“He knows if you’ve been bad or good…”

Now we’re not saying Santa uses the TANDM Suite (…yet) but when you think about it, Santa’s decisions on whether you end up on his naughty or nice list comes down to the data he’s collected over the year.


Overall, how much time did you spend being good? How many instances of naughty were there through the year? 

The same can be said about your business.

How do you truly know which decision is bad or good?

While financial reporting and assumptions will get you a long way, the understanding that comes with data collected from real life events in unparalleled. 

From observational, team self reporting, surveys to imports and data pool connections (APIs) there are so many opportunities for leaders and innovators to embrace the data their business is already generating on a daily basis and make decisions that will have an actual positive impact on business outcomes.

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