We’re here for the flexibility when it comes to data collection.


The TANDM Suite was born from learning how painstaking it was to conduct a time and motion study. What started as a time saver for us on another project fast became the focus point of where people really needed help.

From that day we realised data collection is so much more than just a time and motion study and have worked hard to provide a flexible tool to cater for needs no matter what:

– industry,

– role,

– type of study,

– type of data visualisation,

– length of study, or

– method of data collection

All these factors are accommodated for with the same speed, ease of use and stellar team to support you in your TANDM adventure.


AND with all this flexibility at your fingertips, you’ll become a TANDM Maestro in no time!

Whether you’re in healthcare or retail or are a start up looking to grow…

Whether you want to conduct a survey, observe process in real time or connect with system generated data… or

Whether you want a short term study or the luxury of conducting a study any time you want, there are options available for all your needs!

To see just how flexible the TANDM Suite really is, book in a demo with the team today!

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