You’ve spent a little bit of time getting to know us now, especially learning about TANDM Suite features and how much we love GIFs and really bad Dad jokes (#sorrynotsorry), but have you started to wonder…

How many steps does it take to make a TANDM Suite study?

I’m so glad you asked!

No joke, bad, Dad or otherwise, it only takes FOUR STEPS!

STEP 1: Enter your study details – name, image, dates etc

STEP 2: Pick your type of study – survey, watch and learn etc

STEP 3: Build your codeless app – survey questions, types of timers etc

STEP 4: Review, confirm and celebrate success with confetti!

That’s it. 

The study builder will generate your framework, your codeless app to collect data, some basic graphs to get you started and shower your screen in confetti because life’s too short not to celebrate the wins!

If you want to see just how quick building a study from scratch really is or if you don’t believe us about the confetti, click here to book in a time for a demo with one of our team!

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