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TYPE:  New


FEATURE: Enhanced Survey Flow

SUMMARY:  Improved user experience withsurvey layouts

WHY IT MATTERS:  Rather than survey questions and answers squashed into one page, surveys are now spread out with one question per page making the user experience a far better one.

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT: Survey Templates – Satisfaction answer sets

FEATURE: Image Sets

SUMMARY:  In additional to our stock answer sets, we can now use custom images to gather satisfaction feedback.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Now you can make survey forms engaging and instantly recognisable with imagery. With a selection of stars, emoticons and legos ranging from 5 – 10 answer options, you can encorporate imagery for the delight of users and still enjoy the same level of analytics with your results.

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT: Admin – App Templates

FEATURE: Naming Patterns

SUMMARY:  Let the system generate anonymous Observed references using you naming preferences instead of naming them manually.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Especially ideal for Studies that are focused on a large anonymous population of participants (eg: client satisfaction survey).  Chose the pronoun (eg: “client”, “participant” “patient”), include the hash symbol (#) and the system will replace the # with an automatically generated number. When it comes to graphs and raw data, all participants will have a reference and keep their anonymity safe.

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT:  Admin – App Templates

FEATURE: Info/Agreement Statement

SUMMARY:  This item type, found only in Surveys, allows you to put mandatory terms or agreement sections into your Surveys.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Sometimes the legal jargon must be provided and agreed to! This allows you to copy and paste your own terms / agreement text into the box provided as well as customise the Accept button with what you want it to say.

TYPE:  New

WHERE IS IT:  Admin – App Template – inside Item properties

FEATURE: Short Task Name

SUMMARY:  This allows you to replace a LONG Task with a short one so your graphs look nicer.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Questions are long and Graph labels should be short but this feature bridges the gap! Ask as LONG a question as you like, and when it comes time to graph it, the item title will be properly visable and the look fantastic!

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