See whats new inside the TANDM Suite with our latest software updates.

TYPE:  NEW Feature



SUMMARY:  You can now take photos, short videos, or even upload files that are important to your Study directly via the TANDM Suite App.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Proof of workflows, environment and other settings can be invaluable especially in an Observational Study setting. Now, images and video can be taken live or uploaded from your device library (as can PDFs) while your timers are running attaching the evidence to the right moment and appearing on the TANDM Admin ‘Media’ dashboard.

TYPE:  New Feature


FEATURE: Mandatory Fields

SUMMARY: Helps to ensure all data elements are collected, allowing the results to paint a complete picture and boosts confidence in the Study output.

WHY IT MATTERS: Quality data in means quality data out, and the same theory applies when the data is not so quality! Encourage clean and unified data collection from your team with mandatory fields and ensure there are no gaps in your results.

Speaking of Mandatory Fields…

TYPE:  Enhancements

WHERE IS IT: TANDM Admin – Edit Study

FEATURE: Label Sets

SUMMARY:  Label Sets make Labelling your data required in the App

WHY IT MATTERS:  For those who use Label Sets to categorize activities it is vital that these be provided consistently, so we’ve made them mandatory whenever a Study has them defined.

TYPE:  Update

WHERE IS IT: TANDM Pro -> Manual Tab

FEATURE: Manual Time Entry

SUMMARY: Manual timers is now a separate tab in the App rather than as an inclusion in the properties section of a set timer

WHY IT MATTERS: This form of data entry is ideal for retroactive timer gathering, where down to the minute is all you need. It’s also great for the “Oops, I forgot about that, let me just add that in…”! We’ve retooled all our date selections to make using them simpler to follow as well!

While on the subject of MANUAL TIMERS….

TYPE:  Enhancement

WHERE IS IT: TANDM Pro -> Manual Tab

FEATURE: Duration Calculator

SUMMARY: You can use the Duration field to add time (or subtract it!)

WHY IT MATTERS: Often you may know the start time and how long it took, but instead of trying to calculate the end time yourself, the duration calculator can do it for you! Set the start time, set the duration, we’ll calculate the end time! Or, if you know the end time, and put a negative duration, we’ll push back the start time! No more mental maths for manual timers!

TYPE:  Update

WHERE IS IT: TANDM Pro -> Study, Template, and Observed avatars

FEATURE: Avatars

SUMMARY: All Tiers – Study, Template, Observed – have avatars/pictures to help you distinguish them from one another.

WHY IT MATTERS: We are all about the visuals! It’s much easier to track what is what when there is a handy picture to remind you of what you’re choosing! Now the App enjoys the same dynamic beauty that the Admin does!

TYPE:  Update


FEATURE: Queue uplift

SUMMARY:  A new edit section to amend any and all apects of a data item that has not yet been submitted.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Your insights can only be as good as the accuracy of your data, so the Queue is that final check by your Researcher to ensure they have the right info before they send it off.


TYPE:  Enhancement

WHERE IS IT: Launch App -> Login

FEATURE: Passthrough authentication and load straight to your Template

SUMMARY: If you launch your Pro templates from Admin, you will pass straight through to your Template already selected

WHY IT MATTERS: Ease of use while maintaining security is always a challenge, but with this new authentication flow you’ll find yourself ready to collect data just that much faster!

TYPE:  Enhancement



SUMMARY:  Some major upgrades to how we transmit data from the App back to TANDM Suite have been completed.

WHY IT MATTERS: Security and efficiency is at the core of what we do, so we’ve taken some major steps to ensure your data is secure as well as uplifted our API to handle your data in bulk, so it sends instantly instead of one message at a time now.

TYPE:  Enhancement


FEATURE: Battery Savings

SUMMARY:  The App uses less battery now, saving your phone for your other important work

WHY IT MATTERS: Some of our users mentioned that while using the App on site their phone battery was draining much faster than usual. We’ve changed how we track running timers so that it’s easier on your phone and on you!

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