Bryce Rakop.

“The challenge of capable people is choosing a meaningful direction. I believe Cogniom has the team and vision to change health systemically for the better.”

“Fix everything, while breaking nothing, in uptime, securely.” I find this philosophy applies regardless of industry and is much harder than you might think. Add “with an easy to understand UX to it” and you have what I do now for software development at Cogniom.

I’ve been the CTO at Cogniom since 2019 and it’s been the most challenging and rewarding role of my career. I am supported by a very talented and dedicated team who make coming to work something to look forward to and still challenge me to keep up with their work ethic!

My first career was not as a developer, but this role has reminded me that I do enjoy and excel at software development. The Cogniom challenge is “First, do it once. Ok, now abstract it so it works for anyone ever. Ok, now automate it. Ok, now make it easy to understand for everyone.”


In my previous role at Cerner I spent 14 years delivering EMRs around the USA and Australia. I did it grass roots style, growing from System Engineer, to Production Owner to Service Delivery Manager, supporting teams in three countries simultaneously.

I’ve learned that supporting EMR’s will never be simple, but as they are always critical to delivering the right results to the right patients at the right time, there’s a level of precision that simply must be applied.

I believe actions speak louder than both words and awards, though I have a couple CWx Best of awards I’m rather proud of (Manages System – 2006, and Innovation (go MyRemedy 2.0) 2010).

My greatest aspiration is to be a “worthy leader”. I follow a lot of Simon Sinek philosophies around “Leaders eat last”, “Start with Why”, and the “Infinite Mindset”. As a result I will fight to represent my team to leadership, but I will also push my team to deliver their best, which includes knowing when to seek out a work life balance.


There was a time where my hobbies were video games, but until one of my two boys is old enough to play with me that’s probably on hold. I still find time to do carpentry projects, and who knows, if I ever get sick of all things IT I might just go build a house for fun (because I could).