Chris Kellett.

“The driving force for me came with the realisation and understanding of just how much pressure nurses face. We’ve got to make a change.”

The driving force for me when Cogniom began came with the realisation and understanding of just how much pressure nurses face.

Being presented with an opportunity that would make impactful change is something you just don’t pass up and knowing that I could play a significant role in creating it drives me to succeed every day.

Being a ‘forever learner’ – inspired by the wonder that new things brings, makes it even more exciting to see what each new day brings

It was that drive and passion for learning that led me to spend significant time researching what nurses and healthcare professionals truly face in their workplace, ultimately allowing me to head the Research and Development department at Cogniom.

The TANDM Suite was my brainchild, born in an attempt to help me collect data for that research, and little did I know then what it would become now.

Now, as Head of Research and Development, I spend my time devising new concepts, bringing them to life and learning new development skills to implement them into our business.

I’m excitedly embracing the world of AI and machine learning to better interpret and find patterns in our data, and devising ways that this can be incorporated into our product offerings for a better customer experience.

My career pre Cogniom is often described as a glorious mash up with me known as the “Jack of all Trades”. From my early work with CSIRO in research to information architect, full stack developer, UX designer and various engineering roles in scientific research and environmental and industrial monitoring companies.

Throw in some website development, app design and process control and you’ll start to understand why I enjoy a never ending journey of learning.

All these roles have allowed me to build a repertoire of skills that have led me to be able to make the successful contributions to Cogniom as we continue to grow.

Remember when I mentioned I was a jack of all trades? I also extends to my extra-curricular career as a performer!

Over the years I have performed in a variety of musicals, plays, films, bands, and am always keen to belt out a tune, or generally make a fool of myself. I’ve made so many friends and met so many fantastic people as a result of this. I wouldn’t change a thing.

My latest passion is being a bit of a “maker”. Currently playing around with constructing a stand up paddle board and dreaming of getting a boat. No, not a boat, a yacht.