Robert Buehrig.

“The world is a puzzle. Helping people connect the pieces is how we see the larger picture.”

People – connection – imagination – problem solving: This is what drives me to get out of bed every morning, knowing that I am striving to play my part in making the world a little better.

It’s what brought me to the moment of starting Cogniom, motivated by the near fatal medication error my beloved Granny B suffered from.

I realized I could provide more to society than my current contribution, and that I had the ability to make an impacting change that could help the lives of so many.

For me that started with healthcare, the delivery of better experiences and the processes behind them, and endeavouring to help pave the way for improvements.

If I’m honest, I was born an entrepreneur founding my first company at 14 which paid for the majority of my college tuition. I’ve spent my entire life with different side hustles, constantly looked for a better way of doing things.

Now, founding Cogniom, I can put all my passions into one basket, hearing people’s stories, making valuable connections and allowing my imagination to run free in the world of innovation.

All for the cause of making a positive impact.

I am blessed to be backed by an incredible team who work hard to turn my dreams into a reality as we continue to grow our business. My career has always been at the heart of healthcare, and has always been motivated by making a positive impact for others.

I called Cerner home for 13 years as a Systems Architect, being instrumental for the implementation of Electronic Medical records in dozens of large hospitals across the US and Australia.

I had the privilege of being a part of Australia’s first two HIMSS Level 7 hospital implementations and saw the significant effect innovation can have in healthcare, first hand.

One of my greatest achievements was developing software automations to remove incredibly time consuming processes and replacing them with automations. The outcome was estimated $30 million in labour costs over a 10 year period.

I think it’s due to my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning that I am fueled to empathize with people and understand how problems impact their lives.

Even outside of work, I’m always looking out for ways to help others. Teaching West Coast Swing dance classes and volunteering time to clinics and outreach programs is a great passion and enjoyment of mine.