Operating Theater Effectiveness

Maximize Surgeries Admitted from Waitlists


Decrease patient surgery waitlists <
Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes <
Increase throughput for private surgeons <
Maximise theater usage in hospitals <


Waiting lists for elective surgeries will increase from COVID-19 by 30%

Using this TANDM Study Framework, private surgeons can maximise this opportunity to streamline workflows and  workflow issues and increase their number of successful surgeries per day.

The Scene.

Hospitals re-purposing operating theaters into COVID-19 ICU units have meant fewer theaters for elective surgeries.  This will result in public hospitals seeing a massive increase in patient waiting lists for elective surgeries by the end of this year.

Private Surgeons will be vital in reducing the number of patients that are still waiting for their operations. 

Using this TANDM Study, address issues surrounding patient flow, clinician flow, and missing materials.  Tackle wasted theater time, achieve higher throughput of patients administered from the waiting lists, and create better business and patient outcomes.

The Goal.

1. Observe

 Using the TANDM research template, researchers can quickly tabulate problems

3. Report

 Rather than waiting weeks for results, data in the cloud creates dashboards instantly

2. Discover

Sorting delays by their frequency, calculate the cost of current workflow breakdowns

4. Improve

 Implement solutions to tackle the most common issues and measure returns over time

The Study.

> Performing TANDM Observational studies identifies inefficiencies

> Real-time dashboards prioritise issues by potential impact

> Scheduled vs. actual activity times are calculated per theatre

> Problems are prioritized by potential additional patients per year

> Insights and solutions can be sorted by their expected ROI


The Outcome.

Find systematic issues in your hospital broken down by costs and frequency.  Understand the delays affecting three key areas between patient flow, clinician flow, and equipment availability.

Record delays affecting time spent in theatre and sort them by their total financial return potential.  Focus on the biggest areas of improvement to extend funds to future improvement projects.

Remove operational inefficiencies affecting your surgeries and increase the number of patients seen per day.  Receive live updates on dashboards and ensure the new improvement methods are integrated permanently.

Days Spent Observing Surgeries

Scheduled Procedures Observed


Increase in Utilized Theater Time

Projected Increase in Surgeries Annually

What Our Clients Say.

Warwick Shaw.

I have used Cogniom’s TANDM software as part of the projects we undertake with our hospitals.  Based on my experience,  their software will no doubt will be very impactful and will help many companies deliver a positive return on investment.

Customer Solutions Partner at Johnson&Johnson

Stasie Abela.

Data management and capture can often be difficult, but the TANDM system allows researchers to customise their data capture and data presentation per study.  Switching between studies is easy and the TANDM system has great potential for all research staff.

Clinical Research Nurse at Epworth Healthcare

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