Make Every Minute Count


Gain confidence in your script <
Improve your dictation and pacing <
Discover topics that overrun time limits <
Compare your speech timings to previous practice runs <


Demo Days and Pitch Competitions are the lifeblood of any stage Startup looking to get your message out to a large audience.  With only a few minutes to broadcast your idea to the world, you need to stand out.  

Use this toolset to practice your pitch and discover what topics are most likely to go over your time limit.  Practice doesn’t always make perfect, PERFECT practice does.

The Scene.

Look, we’ve been there.  Being on stage for the first time to talk about your idea can be torture for those that don’t enjoy public speaking.  In fact, Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) affects 75% of the world’s population.  You’re not alone.

However as any good founder will tell you – becoming prepared and practicing is the foundation of getting comfortable on stage.  Your message needs to be heard – and the audience can’t wait to hear your story.

Make the repetition meaningful and improve each time you run through your speech.  Using this template, you can track your progress and improvement every time.  Demo Day here we come.

The Goal.


With the pitch perfect template, founders can get visual timings of their speech


Find which slides need more practice to get under your narrow time limits 


Data sent to online dashboards instantly shows which topics take too long


 Get comfortable with your speech and focus on what really matters – being heard.

The Study.

> Track the timings of each slide as you practice your speech

> See real time dashboards of actual timings compared across attempts

> Compare your results to work on pacing yourself between topics

> Prioritize the slides that need the most work to become comfortable

> Drastically increase your chances of winning your demo day


The Outcome.

 Using the TANDM Pitch Perfect Template, you can feel more confident on stage that the time you are given will be time well spent.  Keep on topic and wow the audience with your message – all without worrying about going over your time limits or eating into your Q&A with judges. 

Days Spent Practicing with TANDM

Average Competitors on Stage

Pitch Competitions Placed

Individual Pitch Presentations Tracked

What Our Clients Say.

Warwick Shaw.

“Over the past few months I’ve truly enjoyed spending time with the Cogniom Team. My team and I have used the Cogniom’s TANDM software as part of the projects we undertake with our hospitals.

Those projects and software have allowed us to reduce the amount of time and cost it has taken us to deliver these customer impacting solutions.

Based on my experience and my team’s experience, working with the Cogniom team and using their software will no doubt will be very impactful and will help many companies deliver a positive return on investment.”

Stasie Abela.

Data management and capture can often be difficult when running multiple Cinical Trials. I found the TANDM data capture and management system to be suited very well to Clinical Research needs.

The TANDM system allows researchers to customise their data capture and presentation for each trial. TANDM also allows for multiple projects to be run within the same platform, making it easy to switch between quickly.

The TANDM system has great potential and with some training and support could easily be integrated into current research practice with all research staff.

Norm McGillivray.

Cogniom offered us the opportunity to use the TANDM suite to collect data on our guests during our recent pilot with our homeless community and give us the ability to measure our impact.

From the initial meeting with Robert and Zoe, I knew the organisation would be a great fit for Beddown, they both immediately understood the issue we were looking to address and showed great empathy and compassion for our cause.

The whole Cogniom team were awesome to deal with and very professional in their execution, developing our platform within the timeframes agreed. Easy and intuitive to use the TANDM suite gives us the ability to collect data effectively and efficiently.

Cogniom is an amazing organisation with a big heart at its core, they knew exactly what we needed and then went above and beyond to deliver the appropriate solution.

Fiona Hawthorne.

Hummingbird House engaged the services of Cogniom and their software, the TANDM Suite, to assist with our team’s DILO studies. The aim was to gain insights surrounding current staff activity, workflow processes and productivity in order to make recommendations for future sustainability.

Using the TANDM Suite, we were able to complete the data collection and reporting in a fraction of the time, enabling us to begin crucial conversations far earlier than anticipated. The software was incredibly easy to use and the team were always there to offer support and guidance and answer all our questions. This work has allowed us to quickly and accurately establish a benchmark for the work Hummingbird House does. This is the first time in Australia a children’s hospice has done this work.

Robert and Zoe took considered time to understand what we do at Hummingbird House, the goals we were trying to achieve and were true to their passion of helping others.

I would definitely engage in their services again, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to conduct any type of observational research projects.

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