Supply Chain Resiliency Audit

Minimize Product Shortages for Customers


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Map demand patterns and forecasts <
Identify critical risks and develop risk profiles <
Create an action plan and avoid future disruptions <


Companies are ordering products with no PLAN B.

In a recent study, over 75% of businesses will have supply logistics interrupted from COVID-19.  More troubling, nearly half of all companies have no secondary provider identified for when shipments are unavailable.

The Scene.

The world is currently dealing with rapid and unexpected demands for products – from groceries to pharmaceutical drugs.  Distribution challenges are being intensified for the consumer goods supply chain due to panic-purchase behavior, resulting in constrained and out-of-stock supplies.

For a lot of organisations, the lack redundancy plan in the supply chain, has created supply shortages which continue to hamper daily operations of the business.  Using a TANDM Study, we’ll help identify products that have the most frequent risk and help offset their impact.  It’s time for a better supply chain strategy without a significant technology investment.

The Goal.

1. Define

With the Supply Chain Resiliency Audit, you can find products at risk of delays

3. Refine

Products with single providers and points of failure are reported 

2. Record

Going through historical orders, average timeframes are recorded

4. Optimise

Disruptions to supply deliveries are minimised, increasing sales

The Study.

> Product orders can be imported or input manually

> Dashboards of results will enable real-time risk management

> Combine results with expert advice from S3 Consult specialists

> Reduce your exposure to stock interruptions and keep products on  shelves

> Revamp your ordering strategy and navigate through shortages


The Outcome.

Using Lean Principles, take a deep dive into the design of your supply chain and clearly identify the risk factors for continuity of supply.  

The TANDM Dashboards allow rapid deployment of real-time planning tools providing visibility to your greatest risks. Demand planning, inventory management, and order management can be done all in one place, without the need for expensive software.

You will see immediate results with insights into your supply chain delivered to you within days – not months.  Increase the ability of your organisation to continue to service customers, profitably.

Days of Supply Chain Resiliency Audits

Real-time Dashboards for live management

Sites Tracked Simultaneously


Products with Redundancy Plans

What Our Clients Say.

Sachin Rasquinha.

Using the TANDM Suite, we were able to rapidly support our client to develop alternate strategies for supply during a pandemic.
Read his about his project here.

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