In This Episode:

– Adding ‘Software Partner’ to the resume

– Back to the Cogniom future

– A ‘Kinder TANDM’

– Media revamps
– Continuous Improvement

When you’re at the beginning of your start up journey you often indulge in fun conversations of “When we’re a hugely successful unicorn business we’ll buy a private island to be our office, and a fleet of yachts to house in the South of France, and sports cars for every day of the week!” 

Secretly though, there is a tiny part of you that would do it all for free because it’s the most fun you’ve ever had at work.

Building a start up is unlike anything you’ll ever experience at a 9 to 5 job, and if you’ve truly caught the bug there isn’t a chance you’ll be able to go back to that life. There will be days where you forget to eat, forget to sleep and forget that there is a beautiful sun outside in the sky. You’ll push yourself past limits you never thought you could and eventually the business will begin to achieve goals that seemed like an impossibility just yesterday. You’ll question your sanity and your capability, you’ll lose friends and gain new ones and everything you ever knew about anything will change with every turn of the roller coaster.

 Those indulging “when we’re rich” conversations are fun until the first time you actually ask for money. Instead you’ll want to chuck in a bucket questioning whether someone would actually pay for something you built yourself! Questions flash through your mind like;

“Who the hell am I to ask for money?”

“Did Steve Jobs ever feel like this?”

“Did I really just liken myself to Steve Jobs?!”

“Where is that damn bucket?!!”

Eventually it gets easier, the impostor syndrome begins to fade and that fire in the belly that got you started in the first place turns into belief in yourself, in your business and the difference you are making for others. Those first few sales, regardless of their size will make you feel like you’re the King or Queen of the world and damn straight those beers should flow accordingly!

But nothing quite prepares you for that moment you begin to finalise your very first major healthcare contract…..

Adding ‘Software Partner’ to the resume

 For us, a partnership with a company like Data Dissect is worth it’s weight in gold. The Cogniom team started this journey because we were (and still are!) passionate about making a difference, and the team at Data Dissect is no different. The experience Bryce and I bring to the table from our previous Cerner lives means we have an unrivalled understanding of what Data Dissect has set out to achieve. 

A note from Data Dissect…

Health Informatics company, Data Dissect signed project scope document with Cogniom to be its Software partner

Data Dissect is addressing the problem that one third of the billions spent annually on healthcare in Australia and globally is wasted. Poor connectivity to improve patient-clinician communication, point-of-care guidance, the capture of experience, population surveillance, planning and evaluation and the generation of real-time knowledge. Electronic medical records capture data but have no capacity to disseminate, collate or analyse data.

Data Dissect is looking to Cogniom for software that accesses, collects and analyses patient data for real time patient treatment decisions for use by clinicians on their mobile device at patient’s bedside. With an extension allowing patients data input to support patient centred care. Clinical decisions will be supported by accurate, timely and up-to-date clinical information and will reflect best available evidence.


This is a partnership that will grow beyond being just a single project. This is an opportunity for two heart-felt and head strong companies to support each other and grow together as we make a significant impact on how healthcare is delivered. The industry is on the precipice of an innovative revolution and now we get to be at the forefront of shaping those changes.  

To say Bryce is excited is an understatement. Zoe’s latest favourite saying is how she is consistently ‘fan girling’ over the tech Bryce has been producing and I have to say, we all feel the same! Bryce and Chris make a formidable team when it comes to tech and this Data Dissect platform will be a thing of beauty when they’re finished! 

We’re incredibly excited to this wonderful partnership and friendship with Tim, Sanjeev and the Data Dissect team! Don’t worry, we’ll be taking you with us on this exciting adventure, so stay tuned for updates! Here is to greatness! 

Back to the Cogniom Future.

August saw us take a day away from the tools and focus on ourselves and what our future looks like. (Bright, in case you were wondering!)

Being apart during this pandemic has been tough and while we’re grateful for tools like Zoom and Slack it’s just not the same as being in the same room!

We spent the morning reconnecting, sharing funny stories as we virtually bonded once more, reflecting on Cogniom’s adventure so far and reviewed our own journeys together as a family. We also did some personality profiling which went a long way to helping us understand one another more – especially when physical interactions can’t be counted on right now. We discovered we’re all “Diplomats” and can boast strengths like ‘creative, inspiring, determined, observant and enthusiastic’ (checkout if you’d like to find out your personality type!) 

Allowing yourself the freedom to dream of the world you’d like to create means the word “impossible” holds no meaning and you are only limited by your imagination. We spent some time creating some elaborate goals to get Bryce back into QLD and debated whether we can eat pancakes for breakfast every day of our Cogniom retreat when he does finally arrive.

As far as Cogniom’s future goes, we feel like even this was only the tip of the iceberg, and if you know us well, you’ll know we’ll probably get it all done in 3 years instead of 10, but this is how Cogniom’s future planning for 2020 turned out… 

for all those up the back squinting to see… 

Data collection in all its variations from a multitude of sources is going to become easier and automatic much faster than we care to admit. Anyone who pays attention to their Facebook feed can already see its happening with the sponsored ads that keep popping up.

 From observational data, to info hubs, customer surveys, clinical results and patient wearables we are going to be surrounded in a constant stream of incoming data and being able to manually decipher it will eventually become impossible.

Incorporating AI and machine learning, the TANDM Suite will intuitively be able to analyse the data and empower the client to see what they need to know instead of  having to figure it out themselves. It will provide faster insights and opportunity for pinpointed areas of focus. Additionally, it will create learnings from our surroundings and provide constant opportunities to improve how businesses provide to their customers.

A ‘Kinder’ TANDM

A little while ago we had the absolute privilege of spending some time with a consultant from McKinsey who helped us dive into customer experience and expectations when using software platforms. 

One of the hard truths he shared with us is that we’ve built the TANDM Admin page to suit our own needs but not really for the enjoyment of our new customers. He wasn’t wrong. Full disclosure; the TANDM Admin page was never built with the intention of it being client facing. The uncomfortable truth was now that is is becoming a core feature in our software, we have a LOT of work to do to make it more user friendly.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Chris is “on a mission from God” to update our Admin interface. Some of our wonderful foundation clients have generously offered to be Beta testers to help us see past our own bias and help remind us what it was like to start TANDM from square one.

Our aim is to include modular style sections, with intuitive ‘step by step’ building wizards, all with plenty of informative help videos and FAQ tool tips. Below is an example of our vision. We of course value and welcome your thoughts, so please feel free to drop us a line!

Media Updates

If you’ve been on this journey with us for a while, you have seen us gradually grow into our marketing style. We love to use colours, inject a ton of personality (and a goof GIF when we can!) and empower our audience to feel like superheroes.

Our new marketing kit is no different. In what is just the beginning of our marketing makeover, this piece truly captures what we’re trying to achieve: Empowering organisations to create better business outcomes.

Check it out here

Continuous Improvement

As if that’s not enough, 2 of our family of four are embarking on further education activities.

Chris, forever the learner with an unquenchable curiosity is undertaking Data Science Statistics and Complete Machine Learning courses as we navigate the pathway to an Intuitive Data future!

 Zoe commences her MBA studies in October after being offered a scholarship from the Australian Institute of Management. While I’m fairly certain she’ll be able to teach most of it, this will be a wonderful feather in the cap of an already stellar career.

Our Ask

As always we’re incredibly grateful for your ongoing support. If you’d like to get involved further, here is how you can help:

  1. Help us close our pre seed round. The global pandemic put a spanner in the works for many, and we still have a couple of spots left to finish this investment round. We’re on the brink of a business surge post pandemic and we’d love to have you along for the ride!
  2. Make an Introduction to a business owner. For those who are struggling in their businesses and need to make a change, we’d love to hear from them and help them on their journey.  If you have a friend or spouse that gets frustrated with manual data entry or cumbersome processes, we’d love to meet them.
  3. Do you know a Healthcare professional? A Surgeon, a CFO, a CIO, a nursing or department head? It’s falling on their shoulders to not only recover from COVID-19 impacts but to manage the increasing pressures to the healthcare system. We’d love to chat and help them plan the most effective path forward.
  4. Want to learn more about Data Dissect? Please drop us a line and we’ll gladly make an introduction to the team

Thanks again for joining us in the latest edition of our adventures! There is plenty more going on which again Zoe is chomping to share with you all, but alas another lesson in patience is upon us! 

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