Has it really only been a week since our last email?

The thing about having a startup is you’ll never work so hard in your life, and yet feel like it’s impossible to love your job more. Our COO has a favourite quote: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

And she is spot on. Our days seem to be timeless, with so much going on and so much passion behind what we do.  With so much happening lately, it’s a battle just to take the time to celebrate when we hit our milestones and take the time to ensure our biggest supporters are kept in the loop!  So without further ado, here is run down of last week’s exciting news. 

This week has been jam packed with some pretty serious sales discussions. 

We had a number with meetings with a lean consulting firm and have organised a trial and purchase arrangement for their business to adopt the TANDM Suite into their practice. It’s been a rush to see people’s eyes light up at a demo as our potential clients think about all the projects the TANDM Suite will help them complete in a fraction of the time.  I hope helping people with our software never stops being as thrilling as it is right now. This particular consulting firm engages in services ranging from healthcare, to government, to technical trade, to workflow processes, so we can already see the versatility of TANDM and how easy it will be to apply to additional industries.   

We also sat down with another consulting organisation working in the aged care sector, who has a focus on food preparation, delivery and quality efficiency in facilities nationwide. Using TANDM for them means they will be able to deliver results twice as fast and allow their consultants to focus on delivering their advice and services rather than manipulating data through incredibly difficult excel processes. It will also help them bring real meaning to the data that’s collected for their clients. This is an industry that is crying out for help, especially with the Royal Commission circulating, and we hope this is only the beginning of our relationship building within aged care. 

We’ve also had some really positive conversations with several QLD local health districts and the role Cogniom can play to help improve the way healthcare is delivered.  Conversations are still evolving at this stage, but our demos are getting a lot of attention and referrals in the public healthcare community with several more demos scheduled for next week.

The common theme throughout all of these conversations is the need to focus on workflow processes. With Electronic Medical Records and other technology implementations that have been introduced over the last few years, focus on the impact it has on front line workers seems to have been lost and a realignment on what is considered an “efficient workflow” needs to be reimagined.  How are we going to help nurses with their daily

work experiences and prevent clinician burnout when nursing shortages are at an all-time high?   While this is something we began to recognise through our many research interviews with nurses and physicians, it’s promising to see management teams starting to come to the same realisation as well. While it may have been our 4th pivot, it would seem TANDM’s existence came just at the right time!

Conversations with investors have also begun, and it’s hard to decide which is more exciting… so, why not both! The traction Cogniom has been making over the past few weeks is incredible, and it is often easy to forget that the TANDM Suite only went live with our first basic “MVP” version just 6 months ago.  We’ve sent several IM’s out and have started discussions with a few serious investors, so if you would like to know more, we’d love to have a chat with you. 

Please feel free to reach out. Coffees (or wines!) are on us!

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