Greetings Cogniom Fans!

Sometimes it feels like we need a film crew to follow the Cogniom team around, not only because the team is all-around hilarious and a lot of fun, but mostly so we can keep up with all the things we achieve! Surely watching the Cogniom start up journey unfold would be far more entertaining than watching a Kardashian, right? 

So it’s time to rewind our Cogniom episode for a quick recap of what you missed!

Since we last spoke, one of the biggest things we’re proud of is the launching of Cogniom Community Projects.

At Cogniom, we are passionate about helping others and making a difference for the betterment of all. Not only do we strive to achieve this with our business offerings, but it’s also deeply ingrained in our company culture and team values.

So it was a no brainer when the opportunity arose to give back to our community and partner with organisations who are on a mission to change the world.

MILESTONE #1 COMPLETE:  With these two amazing groups, we’ve confirmed that impact KPI’s and metrics are needed for social impact organizations!  Cogniom will be working alongside Sunny Street, a mobile health clinic, and Beddown, a pop up accommodation shelter, in their endeavours to help the homeless regain a better quality of life.

MILESTONE #2 COMPLETE:  (Drumroll please!) Consulting firms are officially confirmed as additional customer segment!  We have officially signed an annual contract with our


A Lean consulting firm working in a range of industries from healthcare, mining, hospitality and retail have signed up for an annual license of TANDM software.  Probably the most exciting part of our sales process is seeing the client ‘get it’ when they see the TANDM Suite demo and the realisation starts to creep in on just how much a difference our software is going to make to their business.

I really hope that feeling never wears off. These consultants have been massive supporters from the beginning and we are incredibly excited to work with them and establish a long lasting business relationship.

TANDM SUITE UPDATES:  Our crazy geek duo Chris and Bryce were both in the Brisbane office this week to knock out the end of this month’s development sprint.  We now have our graph builder and survey button functionality wrapping up and will be using it to embed K10, DASS, and HOUSED BEDS assessments in our community projects template in just a few short weeks!

INVESTMENT UPDATES:  We’ve sent out our SAFE agreement to interested parties and have begun serious conversations with investors looking to invest.

We have met with our accountants this week will be meeting with our legal counsel iron out our agreements.  We are currently looking for additional sophisticated investors, so if you’d like to keep the Cogniom episodes coming – let’s have a chat!

Zoe just released our latest blog (click on the image!) and discussed the importance of pivots, and this week Colin at Startup OnRamp invited me to return in October for a second cohort presentation to share our story.  I’m absolutely thrilled our experiences are being used to help others on their startup journey and I can’t wait for round 2!

Check out the promo clip starring our fearless leader below!

To say I am proud of our team and achievements to date is probably the biggest understatement I’ll ever make. Not only do they surprise me on a daily basis with the quality and amount of work they bring to the table, but they also inspire me with the level of professionalism, passion and pride they invest in Cogniom as well. I could not have in my wildest dreams envisaged a more amazing group of people to be on this journey with.  Looking back at the last year, I wanted to see what kind of effort was required to get TANDM ready for the market.  Here is the breakdown of time spent making this crazy dream of ours a reality!

While there is a left in the pipeline, you’ll just have to tune in next time to hear more!  (Argh stupid cliff-hangers!)   

I hope you all have a great weekend!   If you have any questions or would like to book a time for a chat, please feel free to reach out.

Until the next episode!

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