In this Investor update it’s off to the races!  Get ready to see what you missed in the two weeks since our last investor update!  Get comfortable too – cause we’ve got a LOT to cover!

We spend so much time working on building our start up and everything that goes with it, that sometimes when we look up we suddenly realize how many green lights we’ve passed through — and we’re off and running, with momentum and traction in tow.

The Cogniom founders work hard to be prepared for what’s coming, but let’s face it – there is no way of knowing of what’s coming in the first lap!  It is glorious and exhilarating and terrifying and if you do it right, the best fun you’ll ever have.

Project Updates:


One of our very first adopters, Beddown received national coverage on Channel 7 News this week for the amazing work they are doing within the homeless community (click here to see the coverage). Their two week pilot is wrapping up with a mountain of success stories and testimonials.  With the TANDM Suite, we were able to measure the impact a good night’s sleep

has on mental health with the vulnerable and homeless using the facilities.  By modelling a survey questionnaire called the DASS-21 in our software, Beddown is getting instant readings on a real-time dashboard for levels of depression, anxiety and stress levels from its nightly participants the moment their answers are submitted.

This data will go a long way in helping Beddown demonstrate the positive impact this service has on the community and securing funding for the future. We are so immensely proud of everything they have achieved and feel so privileged to play a part in helping Norm realise his dream. 

Sunny Street

Our other “Cogniom Community Projects” partner, Sunny Street are blazing trails as well (click here to see their story). They too are using the TANDM Suite to gather information on the impact their interactions are making, but focusing on where their clinician time is most spent with the patients they are treating.

With TANDM’s help, they are starting to be able to identify the needs of different clinics and which service each area is in most need of.

Hummingbird House

Adding to our current “Cogniom Community Projects,” the Cogniom team will be kicking of studies with our new client Hummingbird House in the coming weeks. 

To ensure grant funding continues, we’ll be helping them with a validation project to showcase their incredible services. They have already been in operation for 3 years, but are just 1 out of just 3 hospice care facilities for children in Australia (and the only one in QLD)! Zoe and I were completely humbled by their vision and purpose when we arrived for our first tour and we cannot wait to help them prove the impact they are making to ensure grants and funding continue for this incredible cause.

Johnson & Johnson

We spoke in our last email about our wonderful new mentorship with Johnson and Johnson.  Our mentor has been so extremely supportive of our efforts, and this month they shared the J&J standard study framework they use to increase operating room occupancy for their clients.  Currently the study is completely Excel-based with over 10 different spreadsheets needing to be filled out per operating room per day.  Holy cow!

With TANDM, we’re slimming it all down to a few button clicks and working on the dashboards to deliver the results in seconds instead of weeks.  While our software is covering roughly 80% of their needs right out of the box, our amazing dev team are working overtime to deliver the extra features we need to manage the gap in functionality.  We are all super excited – here is a sneak peak of what took us less than 10 minutes to build in the TANDM Suite admin page!

S3 Consult / Gold Coast University Hospital

On Monday our client S3 Consult will launch their first TANDM study at the Gold Coast University Hospital to measure the before and after metrics of the lean changes they plan to make with the hospital’s current loading dock/warehouse storage processes.

S3 Consult has been an amazing first customer by giving us needed feedback and several use cases that we’ve never considered before.  If the project proves successful, it is likely the methods will be rolled out to a number of sites across South East Queensland, and we’ll have a TANDM study waiting for each facility to help measure the benefits the changes being made!

3 out of The Big Four are Taking Notice!

Our conversations with three out of four Big Four consulting firms are heating up with an invitation to attend the National Board Meeting this coming Monday (14th October).  With J&J’s introductions, we are already in discussions with partners from another two!  I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly exiting this

is. The thing about being a start up is you don’t REALLY know if your product/service will actually be adopted, no matter how much your Mum tells you how wonderfully you’re doing. These conversations are validation that we are on the right track, and are well on our way to achieving our vision of improving the way healthcare is delivered!

The Investor Final Laps:

We’d like to welcome the seven new investors that have reached out to us this week and are now receiving our investor updates as of today – welcome to Cogniom!

With our investor email list approaching 70 strong, the discussions to finish out our Pre-Seed Investment Round has dramatically increased in the last two weeks. 

With a race to the MedTech Got Talent Gala Finals rapidly approaching on December 5th, our partner organizations are drumming up support from their own investor networks to get this round closed before we step on stage!  A massive shout out goes to Jamal with MedTech Got Talent and Adrian from Pitchblak – we can’t thank you enough for all your help and introductions! 

So it’s not just Cogniom that has a race ahead of us, with 20% of our round already funded – who will be the next to cross the finish line?  To see a preview of our investor memorandum, simply click here.  Give me a call to hear more! 

Thank you again for your continued support and following us on this journey!  We can’t wait for the road ahead!

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