Ahh February…

the month of love hearts and valentines, the last month of Summer and the month we look towards TANDM 4.0.


Our latest release was published to all users last weekend which included some incredible work by our CTO.  He spent countless hours polishing our TANDM software and completing features that increased the user experiences 10 fold.

You can see the full list of features in our TANDM Suite Updates post.  Features most loved?  How about an improved hierarchy for easier study options, training tours, tool tips, and new control enhancements! It is UX glorious-ness! But that is only the beginning. These updates will prepare the TANDM for features like drag and drop study buttons, multiple observed pages in the web app (see sketch below) and our very first iteration of the TANDM Marketplace. These updates and additional features have been on our #futuregoals list, well, probably since we started, and to now be in a position where we are able to make it a reality is an amazing feeling!  Check out our new concept for a Multi-observed study we are currently testing against user feedback this week >>>

When we started Cogniom, we wanted to change the way healthcare was delivered. Now, we’ve been fortunate enough to create something that goes a long way to having that impact.  The future means enabling our clients to create ANY research study within minutes and calculating the financial benefits in real time for cost savings.  What’s more, that superpower can be extended to virtually any industry!

We are also extending our data collection capabilities by bringing on libraries that will allow pictures and video, audio interviews, and the phone’s embedded GPS coordinates.  Chris, our master of R&D has been excitedly working non-stop to make this a reality and we can’t wait to show it to you when he is finished!


From the 18th of this month I will be on the road travelling to Sydney and Melbourne!

First stop is a day of meetings with potential clients before spending time with the research team at Johnson and Johnson. We’ll be beta testing out our new multi-observed layout concept for operating theatre efficiency studies in our app – but I’ll also be training how to participate as a J&J researcher at their headquarters in the Sydney CBD!

We got pretty lucky when we met Warwick Shaw during our time with the Med Tech Got Talent Competition and we look forward to a brilliant future working with them!

Next stop is Melbourne to catch up with some more potential clients and investors, as well as our current investor/marketing/advisor Chris Hewson!  Even as our newest investor, he’s already proving to bring some amazing skills to the team as we move into the next phase of #startuplife – scaling!  We’ve also found Samantha Pickering, who will be designing a 6-week marketing sprint customized just for us!

I’ll be making several stops along the way with a few spaces left – so if you can think of one or two contacts I should meet, please forward your introductions our way!


We have been working diligently with several teams at PWC over the last few months and it is with extreme excitement that we have made it through the auditing process to become an approved software partner! This will open up the opportunity for teams across the country to use the TANDM Suite on PWC projects as a part of their software toolset.  We simply cannot wait to kick off our first studies with them!


Our learnings from market research and interviews never stop, and Aged Care is no exception.  The predictions for this year are already showing dire outcomes for over HALF of all the Aged Care facilities in Australia. 

Funding changes and a lack of thorough unit economics research have left facilities unprepared for the new costs per patient.  Basically, massive financial deficits will result in a huge disruption of services for the elderly this year.  Read the Stewart Brown full report here (brief summary below).

“As of the Sept 2019 report, 51% of aged care homes recorded an operating loss for the September quarter, and 27% of aged care homes recorded an EBITDAR loss (operating cash loss) for the September quarter.  What is even more chilling is The September Survey highlights that the financial sustainability of the residential aged care sector continues to deteriorate in all geographic regions, and unless additional specific targeted funding is implemented it may lead to closure of residential aged care homes and will risk further necessary investment into the sector. It should also be noted that the September quarter is historically the best performing quarter from an operating results perspective, with each corresponding quarter have a declining result.”

Knowing the unit costs of services and patient care will become absolutely critical to remain profitable under the new funding rules.  We are rapidly developing TANDM templates to help measure the costs of patient care and discover new opportunities for potential savings.  If anyone knows of Aged Care facilities that would like to pilot our new Aged Care template, please forward them our way!

We simply cannot thank all of our investors and advisors enough who have believed in us to come along on our journey!  There is still space left in our pre-seed round for any investors looking for an amazing opportunity – please reach out if you would like more info before the round completes!

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