Where does the time go?


It’s a funny thing.

When we were kids, it took FOR-EV-EERRR for the home time bell to ring at school, summer holidays seemed to last a lifetime and after school playtime was an eternity. (at least for as long as it took for the street lights to come on!)

Now, time moves differently and often seems too fast. As an adult it feels like the clock clicks over to 4pm in the blink of an eye, morning and night time routines always seem rushed and holidays just never last long enough. 

Does the perception of time change as we get older? Does the pressure of responsibility lean on the fast forward button? Or has technology and its ability to provide information and entertainment immediately mean we no longer have any sense of time left?

Some say technology has made us impatient, sparking a lust inside us for instant gratification as it immediately provides us with our desired outcomes. That reliance on instant access to news, information, movies and games has perhaps altered our expectations for that to be reflected in all aspects of life.

Perhaps it is that ‘lust’ that warps our sense of time. Now with this access at our fingertips in no time at all, we find ourselves trying to do more, learn more, create, connect, build, achieve… and we still find ourselves incredibly time poor, sometimes forgetting the more important things that we should be spending time on.

If we apply the same theory to business, are we letting that impatience for results take over?

Many spend a lot of time ON their business trying to fit in more meetings and deadlines and tasks (oh my!), yet too often they overlook spending time working IN their business.

The fact is, your business is not the same as it used to be. It has evolved and will always be evolving. The services or products on offer, your team, your clients, your target market, the processes and technology you use internally – they all change over time.

With that in mind, could it potentially be considered dangersome to be making decisions on outdated information? Or without the right information at all?

There was plenty of conversation sparked from our February blog where we spoke about the importance of asking the right questions and how they can uncover the information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

One of the comments raised was:

“What if I don’t have time to find the answers to these questions?”

That in itself is a great question. A better question is:

“What is the impact on my business if I don’t make the time?

Have a look below at the difference between a Brisbane healthcare clinic who took the time to investigate and the Toothpaste Guy who… did not.

Now is the time to

RECLAIM YOUR…. er, well….. TIME!

While the draw to fast results and ‘instant gratification’ can be strong, taking the time to learn more about your business and how it operates today can have a far greater and positive impact. Ask questions, and keep asking questions until you arrive at the right ones… and if you do ever find yourself saying “I can’t find the time”,


Ask yourself….