As a business owner, manager, leader or director there is a type of status quo that needs to be achieved to realise true success; and regardless of whether you’re in healthcare, large corporate or running a small business it comes down to the same core things:

– client satisfaction
– happy and productive staff
– to stay relevant in the ever-changing environment of your industry; and
– ridiculously good-looking financial reports.

Yet for most of us understanding how to manage and balance these key areas is a bigger riddle than trying to figure out where all the Tupperware lids disappear to!


Truth is, it doesn’t have to be a riddle.

The answer is right in front of us if only we knew where to look. Understanding problems and the best potential solutions are key. Luckily, all the clues you need to identify them with are waiting just below the surface of your existing data.

So much can be learned by understanding what truly goes on in the lives of our front-line workers every day. Do we have enough staff and is it the right ratio of skill sets? Are the processes to undertake tasks out of date? Do we have the right tools and needed equipment available in the correct areas? Is the tech being introduce actually getting adopted and helping our team or hindering them further? Are our customers receiving the best service we can give them?


What are the true costs to our business if we don’t have this right?

With the COVID-19 lock down creating major disruption to business across all industries, it’s never been more important to gain understanding of where strengths and weaknesses are and how it affects our team’s success in their roles.

We have been working with several businesses already to help them find the answers to some extremely difficult questions.  Here are just some of the projects and end results they’ve been able to achieve in the TANDM Suite.

Operating Theatre Effectiveness:

The current number of elective surgeries being performed annually is over 750,000 nationally in Australia!  However, the capacity of operating theaters has seemed to have reached a max limit and has not been able to curb the overflow of surgeries added from the previous year since 2013.

This means that the number of patients waiting for surgeries are being rapidly added to a growing wait list.

The Operating Theatre Effectiveness study framework, built in conjunction with Johnson and Johnson, has already been used

to identify significant areas of improvement across three major areas: patient flow, clinician flow, and equipment availability.  Reducing delays for these major processes has fast tracked a leading NSW hospital to achieve a projected 37% increase in utilised surgery theatre time with time available to administer an additional 600 surgeries from the waiting lists annually.

Day In The Life Of (DILO)

Nursing shortages is an ever growing problem as our aging population continues to rise and demands on healthcare resources skyrocket. With an exceptionally high job turnover rate adding to shortage pressures, it’s now more important than ever to have a true understanding of the tasks each type of nursing role is completing, ensure that time is being spent effectively and empower hospitals to improve job satisfaction.

The Day In The Life Of study framework, has already helped a Queensland hospice facility create a true picture of where time was being spent for each clinicial role and provide a cost analysis of ‘value-added’ and ‘non-value added’ activities that were performed.  With a deeper understanding of daily assignments taken from data in the TANDM dashboards, it paved an educated path forward to making significant productivity improvements and adding the correct support staff to the areas they were most needed.

Loading Dock Efficiency

Distribution challenges are being intensified with the current global pandemic.  Hospitals are either facing potential shortages or massive stockpiles of life saving and protective equipment. The fact is poorly understood supply logistics tied with an unclear understanding of inventories can often remain invisible until a nightmare scenario shows up for future shifts to discover.

The Loading Dock Efficiency study framework was developed and used at a leading QLD hospital to identify the shortcomings of current stock  handling procedures.  With the problems identified, the recommended changes were implemented resulting in a reduction of unloading times by 80%, allowing 10 staff to be redeployed to concentrate on other urgent tasks.

We’ve also been working with start ups and scale up companies as they try to navigate the changed landscape after the global pandemic:

Customer Validation

Market research and customer validation should form the base of every company’s value proposition, but the problem most startups and scale ups face is not correctly identifying the customer segment with the biggest need and appetite for their product/service. Too often, businesses will turn to their own opinions and assumptions and follow a path that leads to building a product that their customers aren’t asking for.

The Customer Validation study framework was built based on the W3 Framework from “Sell More Faster” and has been used on our own business as we navigated the need to pivot our

primary customer segments during the global pandemic. The study allowed us to easily visualise and pinpoint where our new customer segment opportunities were strongest and allowed us to dedicate our sales and marketing resources to focusing on those in greatest need of our solutions.

These studies are not limited to the above examples either. With the launch of our new TANDM Marketplace, we will be introducing even more study frameworks for our customers. 

Not only does this allow businesses to customize their own frameworks to solve problems and unlock hidden value individually, but it creates a hub to allow TANDM users to eventually share their new and exciting templates together. 

This collaboration space is an incredibly exciting and important part of our vision here at Cogniom.

The world as we know it has changed forever. The way we do business, communicate and purchase orders won’t ever look the same again. What remains though is our ability to be our own superheroes within our businesses.

Now more than ever, it’s important understand how your business is running and enabling your team to realize their full potential. With the TANDM Suite the path to success doesn’t have to remain a riddle. 

Now is the time to seize the clues hidden in your data and build a better tomorrow backed from a deeper understanding of its meaning.


Carpe the Data!

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