No, we’re not taking a trip back to 90s techno, (but if you now have that song in your head… You’re welcome!)

We’re talking about the INNOVATION JAM!

Innovation is an interesting beast. Take a moment to look at your surroundings and consider the fact that every single thing you see was once nothing more than a mere idea.

For every item that forms part of our daily lives there were an infinite amount of other ideas that never made it. And for every idea that saw the light of possibility there were plenty of critics that didn’t believe. Imagine now, what the world would be like if those critics had beaten out the beauty of innovation?

So, when events like the eHealth Innovation Jam comes around, it’s not only truly inspiring to be part of, it’s also incredibly important to support.

The Innovation Jam is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to step away from their every day jobs and look at some of the problems faced within the industry.  Lets face it: who better to try and solve these problems than by those who face them every day.

This year the cohort was made of nurses, doctors, lab technicians, pharmacists, surgeons, data analysts and industry administrators, just to name a few.  They all created teams to tackle 10 identified areas:

> How to implement distraction equipment for sick kids
> Using unmanned areal devices to improve health services
> Easier categorisation of referrals to improve patient outcomes
> The impact a circular economy could make
> Efficient cross matching medication processes
> Using data to improve medical imagery services and its safe use of radiation
> Improving the experience for correctional patients
> The role of wearable devices for home patients
> Identifying ways to address the obesity epidemic relating to chronic disease
> Identifying pain points in the Emergency Department workflow

DAY ONE saw the teams form to work on the problem they identified with most. They got to know each other, learned how to drill down to the core of their problem and identify who their clients and end users would be.

Cogniom were lucky enough to join the event as part of the mentor group. Working with teams throughout the day, it was thrilling and inspiring to see the creativity and passion surge as they started to navigate through the journey.

One team, E-Merge-D, who were looking at improving workflow in the Emergency Department took the TANDM Suite out for a spin to identify how much time was actually spent on each item of the process and gain a true understanding of where the problem lies. The study identified that the longest wait period was for the return of test results along with the doctors being unable to continuously check for result returns whilst managing care for other patients.

DAY TWO was time to focus on the solution. Now, they were truly one with the problem, and understood  their potential client. More brainstorming and research brought the groups to the solution they were going to pitch. New and improved workflows were created, product prototypes were developed and the excitement in the room was palpable!

Wait. Did someone say pitch?! Oh, you betcha!

Our mentoring skills came into play once more as we we helped the teams turn all their hard work into outstanding pitches they were to present on DAY THREE. The roller coaster of emotions that is ‘start up life’ was ready for it’s next round and the teams were off to learn and create once more.

To say we were impressed and proud of what they achieved is an understatement. It isn’t an easy to juggernaut to navigate – let alone in 3 days – and each of them came out the other end as champions, pioneering change to these problems.

Events like this are no easy feat, and couldn’t be made possible without the selfless team at eHealth. The platform provided here gives front line workers in healthcare the opportunity to have a voice and make a difference in their industry.

How we know things to be today won’t necessarily be how our next generation will know them. Innovation is our future and our only way forward, and embracing the ideas of those at the coal face is everything.

Programs like the Innovation Jam should be championed in every industry. It allows the dreamers, the creaters, the organisers and the doers to come together and create the perfect storm for innovation to thrive in. This is our way forward. This is how we support each other as we move into tomorrow’s future.

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