From the My Studies page, click on the required study.

Click on the Results tab.

Click on the Dashboard you wish to have the Graph added to.

From here you have two options:

– Click on Quick Add Graph.
          Choose the type of graph you wish to create and follow the prompts. This will take you to the Edit page where you can finished adding titles and apply any required filters. (See “Editing Graphs”)

– Click on the Hamburger Menu
          Select Graph Wizard
          This will launch a new window. Follow the prompts to build the graph you desire.
Be sure to add your Titles and Labels in the second to last step.
Once complete, click Finish to return you to the Dashboard, Add Another to go to the beginning of the wizard to add another graph.

Because celebrating the small stuff is important, click the Celebrate button to enjoy a moment of no mess confetti!
You’re welcome!

(PS: See Graph Types under Data Visualisation for more information!)