We are creatures of habit.. and as creatures of habit we tend to find changes annoying and an inconvenience.

Think about every time you’ve been forced to update your phone, found your favourite restaurant has changed their menu or when daylight savings time strikes again!

Change comes at us from all directions, in all shapes and sizes, sometimes described as a positive but often without regard for how it actually affects our lives.

 Let’s face it: Embracing change is no easy feat. 

Hate Change

As a business leader, change often comes with the challenge of getting your team on board. While some adapt better than others, it can seem like the impossible task to get everyone on board.

And it’s not just the change itself that needs to be considered. There is research, planning and preparation that needs to be conducted before change can be implemented.

While we again can all agree, change is no easy feat, change can be even more difficult to embrace for those who feel like it’s happening to them.

That’s why we believe it is crucial to any change implementation or transformation project to have the input of your team.

However, successfully enlisting their trust and participation can come down to how a leader engages with them.

Here are some tips to ensure your conversation is the first successful step in your next change project:


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“I need you to track your time.”

“I want details on the work you are doing.”

 “How can I make your team more efficient?”

These phrases will elicit an emotional response from being interpreted that they are doing something wrong or being performance managed for bad results implying they are at fault.

Once a defence wall is established, conversation and input will likely come to a standstill and the task of promoting change will become even more difficult.

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“I’d like to create a direct communication path so you can openly discuss your problems with the leadership team.”

“We’d like to help enable the team to excel, but first we’d like to include your input and expertise to help determine which areas are hardest for you currently.”

“If anyone would like to volunteer as a change advocate to help improve the work you have to complete, we’d love to invest the time in hearing and testing your ideas to help make things better for the whole team.”

Change is inevitable but how we pave the road towards it can make all the difference.

Remember everyone who is impacted by the change you wish to introduce also has a valid point of view and will often be in the best position to offer perspective.

Don’t underestimate them, or the power of including them in the process has on the acceptance of change into their world.

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