Turns out… We’re only human!

We spend a lot of time focusing on ways to do better, be better, achieve more, be more efficient, set goals… but try as we might to reach some version of perfection, it turns out we’re actually only human.

We’re flawed, we make mistakes and dumb decisions. We forget things and say or do things that we’d rather not be reminded of and if we deem these things bad enough, we put ourselves through a gruelling round of punishment.

As it turns out, Cogniom is just as human as the next person.

In our own bid to do better and be more efficient, an attempt at automating a process went from “just testing” to “email sent to 259 recipients” in the (literal) click of a button. Mistake successfully made!

Panic ensued. Damage control was initiated. Emails were deployed and GIFs were sent to soften the apology.

However, what started as a stressful turn of events has ended up being the source of many laughs and shared stories of “only human” moments, reconnecting us with people we haven’t spoken to in a while.

So, in celebration of being human, we’re taking off the business hat this month and focusing on our favourite things that make our days more… well, human!

Remembering that not every moment of the day has to be spent on the “do better, be better” is half the battle. Embracing the opportunity to learn, to stop and smell the roses and celebrate the wins is just as important.

Finding Magic in Mistakes

We are inherently brought up to believe failure is a dirty word. Yet its inside our failures, mistakes and misfires that the most magic occurs. 

More often than not there is a lesson to be learned that takes us closer to actually achieving those “do better” goals. That magic can also reveal new opportunities that may not have been apparent previously.

Failure isn’t something that should be feared, and certainly isn’t something we should chastise ourselves over.

It’s a difficult mindset to change, but it’s all part of being human, right? When we find and embrace the silver lining of things that don’t go quite according to plan, we allow ourselves to grow in really beautiful and inspiring ways.

Good Health includes Mental Health

Its not hard to get lost in the rat race of everyday life. Time seems to slip by quicker every year and the pressures of responsibility can become overwhelming. While we spend plenty of time and money on our physical health, we don’t seem to focus enough on our mental health.

Looking after our mental health can come in many different forms and we should all engage in what suits our own situations, but there are plenty of things we can do every day to be kinder to ourselves. More importantly, know that its ok to not be ok, to talk about it and to take time out for yourself.

There is a GIF for every occasion

Our Zoe has earned herself the title of GIF Queen… and for anyone that has experienced our marketing and emails, its not hard to see why!

To be honest, it is contagious and if anyone was to look at our Slack channel, they’d probably find more GIFs than text! 

But they instantly bring a smile and a laugh to those on the receiving end and while there is no doubt a time and place to include them in some emails, don’t underestimate the power they have in creating joy and building relationships!

Confetti.. confetti everywhere

Often, we’re too busy rushing through our days to notice the little wins. On the days that are tougher than others, it’s those little wins that can fuel the fire to keep powering through. So, instead of sweating the small stuff… celebrate it!

We have a Slack channel called “The Confetti Room” where we can drop a line to the team about any type of win.

The only condition is that it must be accompanied by a celebratory GIF (one guess who implemented that!) It’s a great opportunity to celebrate in the now, but also a great read later down the track when we need reminding of what we’re capable of. GIF confetti is also much easier on the cleaning needs too!

You’re never too old to learn new tricks.

Learning should never be exclusively reserved for our kids, nor should it be exclusively reserved for our current career. Learning can be a recreational activity too and can trigger a different part of your brain than you may not use in every day life. Learning can be invigorating and inspiring and shouldn’t be something to shy away from.

For those who know me well know I spend my down time dancing West Coast Swing which is also how Zoe and I met! Check out this clip from some of my favourite dancers. If you’re in Brisbane and want to embrace learning something new, I’m always happy to teach some of the basics!


What is something you’ve always wanted to learn?

Being less productive can help you be… productive.

Did you know sometimes that to-do list can wait? Sometimes, spending time by simply not rushing, not thinking and letting your hair down can be far more rewarding. It’s ok to take a break, to take time away. Those downtimes can go a long way to promoting a better life balance and ultimately increase productivity upon your return.

When we have Cogniom Team Days there is always time spent to just ‘hang out’ and not focus on work. Whether we’re riding around in Chris’ boat, getting our butts kicked by Zoe at Sequence or playing videogames with Bryce, taking that time out to reconnect and reset allows us to come back to being more focused and energised, and has sparked some of the most inspired brainstorming sessions!

Play that funky music

Music is actually proven to stimulate the brain. It can improve memory function, trigger neurochemicals that have a positive affect on mental health and even lead to better learning.

Music is food for the soul and has the ability to transport us back into a memory, calm us down, excite us and help us focus. It is the gift that keeps on giving and should be loudly embraced at every opportunity!

So the next time get caught belting out your favourite jam at the traffic lights, know that your brain is super grateful for the stimulation!

It’s ok to say no

We’ve spoken about the pressures of responsibility, how great they can be and without realising it, how overwhelming they can become. The need we have to please and help others can sometimes be achieved at the detriment of our own and for some reason saying no brings a weird sense of guilt.

Perhaps easier said than done, but saying no is ok. Those barriers allow us some self preservation for our time and mental health, and if we all start practicing the art of saying no, the better we’ll be at understanding the needs and boundaries of others.

Being human isn’t so bad especially when we allow ourselves to embrace it. Mistakes happen, celebrations aren’t only reserved for the big things, exploring new avenues is incredibly rewarding and mental health is worth the investment.


Sometimes you’re going to send 259 emails by mistake, sometimes you’re going to take a day to binge on Netflix but whatever gloriously human activity you encounter, know that it’s all part of what makes you perfectly imperfect.