Cogniom was born from a moment where Cogniom founder Robert Buehrig was faced with the very real possibility of losing a loved one due to a breakdown in process surrounding the administering of medication.  

This sparked the idea: Surely, there had to be a better way? A better way for medications to be given out. A better way for nurses to complete the process. A better way to reduce the risk of error.That was November 2017. Now here we are, a passionate team of professionals from varying backgrounds, industries and skill sets to achieve a common goal:

To make a difference in the way healthcare is given.

Our journey started with the attempt to understand the challenges a Nurse faces every day on the front line of healthcare. We spoke with over 100 nurses from all over Brisbane, the country, as well as international nurses to find out what tasks they were allocated, what they liked and disliked, what their challenges were, how they thought challenges could be resolved, what they would like to see changed, and so the conversations went on. The insight was invaluable, confirming some of our assumptions, presenting us with scenarios we hadn’t even thought of and cementing our thought that not only would change be beneficial, but that it was a must. Armed with this information, it was time for us to step onto the ward floor and July 2018 saw our first Time and Motion Study completed in Melbourne. For a week we spent time shadowing several nurses in varying wards and shifts to observe how their days unfolded and our understanding of their tasks, processes and challenges grew exponentially. Hospital management were pleasantly surprised with the data and how we were able to present it to them. Some of the challenges that we identified throughout our study, we were able to advise solutions for, and the idea that we were already able to start making a difference fed the passion to continue. From what started as a simple research exercise, our Time and Motion Study has turned into a comprehensive tool with purpose built apps where we can observe and monitor in real time what happens on the hospital floors. This allows hospitals to have a clear understanding of the battles Nurses are facing, the equipment that may be cumbersome, impractical or inadequate, and the critical improvements needed to make each Nurse’s round more manageable.

This suite, TANDM, is now an available service, where hospitals can book a time for our team to join their nursing staff to start identifying challenges, presenting results and offering advice and recommendations to make positive changes to improve the structure in which Nurses can take care of their patients.

So, whether you have heard our story before, or now for the first time, we are grateful to have you share this journey with us. Your support, help, advice and information is truly appreciated and has been invaluable in assisting us build Cogniom so far. We look forward to having you continue with us as we keep you up to date with our product and service developments, industry news, achievements, events and research findings along the way.

We are passionate about successfully doing our part in making positive changes to healthcare.