There are three access levels for TANDM Suite Studies. These access fields are automatically determined depending on what type of Study you select when you first start building (Survey, Self Reporting, Interview, Watch & Learn)

You can edit this behaviour via the App Templates tab in your Study.

Different access levels include:

Professional – flexible app template | Great for Watch & Learn and some self reporting Studies. This gives full autonomy to the Researcher who will also require a login and password to gain access. They will have the ability to view data records of what they’ve collected, edit entries run in offline mode, allowing them to manually synchronise or “push” their data to appear on the Study Dashboards.

Researchers record data | Researchers just need to provide a name and email to launch an App Template and have less control over the data they collect. They must make note of who they are observing (or what they are researching). Once they complete their Study/survey, the participant simply clicks the Finish button to synchronise all their data to the dashboard. They will be prompted to continue on to another Observed party, or finish and log out.

People answer / record their own data | This is perfect for surveys, or data collection projects that include a large group of participants. There are no logins or required fields requesting personal information to get started. The participants simply scan a QR Code (or click a link), collect data or answer survey questions and click the Submit button for their data to be recorded to the Dashboard.