✔️ Foxo reduced administration time for Radiologists by 83%

✔️ Consentic’s electronic forms decreased patient consent times by 94%

✔️ An Aged Care facility identified potential for $3.9M increase in revenue

Knowing your impact works!

Whether you are:

– a business looking to prove the return on investment you provide when others engage in your services;

– a business leader looking to identify ROI potential from a change or transformation project

– a team player creating a business case to prove the value of an internal process change;

Join us to learn more about WHY knowing your ROI potential is key to a productive conversation, and HOW you can identify your ROI opportunities.

Wednesday 20th July – 12:30pm (Brisbane Time)

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Gather insights to understand the 'current state' of a business or department

Create a baseline to measure future success against

Identify cost saving and revenue generating opportunities

Validate the value proposition of a new solution

Prove Return on Investment (ROI) metrics

“Data will talk to you..

if you’re willing to listen.”

– Jim Bergeson

Have you ever wanted to get rid of the redundant work and mindless button clicking that’s required to get your job done?

Maybe you have an awesome product, but your sales team is struggling to close deals?

How do we approach management and show getting rid of some of that constant admin work would be a huge benefit with your idea or product? 

Know Your Impact.  

What does that mean? 

Leadership needs to see how the changes you bring will help the organisation as a business. 

Do you know how to create a data backed business case to bring more meaning to your conversations?   

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Stacie Abela

Data management and capture can often be difficult, but the TANDM system allows researchers to customise their data capture and data presentation per study.  Switching between studies is easy and the TANDM system has great potential for all research staff.

– a Victorian Hospital

Andrew Willims

Using the TANDM Suite was easy and expedited weeks of data collection into instant dashboards for our DILO study.  We would definitely recommend Cogniom to anyone looking to make research projects a breeze.

– Populeux Consulting

Dr. Fiona Hawthorne

Hummingbird House engaged the services of Cogniom and their software, the TANDM Suite, to assist with our team’s DILO studies.  I would definitely engage in their services again, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to conduct any type of observational research projects.

– Wesley Mission QLD

Sachin Rasquinha

Using the TANDM Suite, we were able to rapidly support our client to develop alternate strategies for supply during a pandemic.

-S3 Consult

Warwick Shaw

I have used Cogniom’s TANDM software as part of the projects we undertake with our hospitals.  Based on my experience,  their software will no doubt will be very impactful and will help many companies deliver a positive return on investment.

– Johnson & Johnson