What are Observed Details?

Observed Details are traits of whatever you are observing in a Study. Information is collected via Survey questions and focus on a wide range of group demographics. Things like age, gender, job role, location can be used to help you group and filter your data even...

What types of Studies can I build?

There are four main Study types: Survey: When you’re looking for feedback, comments or opinion from your team, focus group or people who have used a product or service. Interview: The same type of purpose as a survey but you or your team asking the questions directly...

Can I change my Study dates later?

Sure! Study dates can be amended through the Edit Study function. Remember, this could incur additional fees depending on your subscription level, but the Cogniom team can answer any further questions specific to your situation.

Why do I have to nominate dates for my Study?

Dates help you keep track of your Studies and the period of time you are collecting data for. Depending on your License model, any changes to your Study timeframes can impact your TANDM Suite costs. Reach our to the Cogniom team to answer any further questions...

Can I have more than one Template per Study?

You can have as many Templates as you need! Templates are designed to represent individual topics like a workflow, a specific role or area of survey. Having a template for each workflow / area means you are able to focus questions and timers on that specific topic. It...

What is a Template?

A Template is the collection of specific survey questions, timers and/or counters to be used for data collection. You can have more than one template per Study and can be found on the “App Templates” tab inside your Study.

What is a Study?

A Study is the overarching collective for graphs, dashboards and templates on a specific subject matter. The container holding it all together if you will. This is displayed as the large tiles on your “My Studies” page.